Isn’t This What Everyone Loves About Summer?

red horse

Oregon, like most states, has communities of immigrants who have brought their particular stamp of charm and personality. Thanks to research I can do without standing up, I now know that the Junction City Scandinavian Festival was created in 1961 to revive a town struggling economically after major traffic was rerouted from Highway 99 to Interstate 5. The festival is over for this year, but you can start planning for 2016! I happen to also know that August 11-14 are next year’s dates. This year, the schedule was:  Thursday- Finnish Day,  Friday- Norwegian Day, Saturday- Swedish Day,  and Sunday- Danish Day. My sister and I visited on Saturday which explains the large red horse in the center of the festival, and also this fetching cut-out for handy photo opportunities.

I'm a good sport!

I’m a good sport!

At the Scandinavian Festival, you can walk around and look at kind of not-very-good art, or watch some not-very-exciting dancing performed by nice looking young people dressed vaguely like my costume (right). Singing happens also, and from our polite, attentive experience, that is charming, but also not very good, but still – there’s a friendly feel about folks milling around, noshing on vandbakkelser (chocolate dipped cream puffs), Æbleskiver (apple stuffed pancakes), meatballs, and meat pie. (I cut and pasted that part from Wikipedia.)

I bought a really pretty silver bracelet made from a piece of flatware. It’s unusual and appealing, and I like bracelets. Also I felt like my just buying and eating half a crab turnover-thingy wasn’t really contributing to the revenue of the festival. Plus I had been kind of catty about some of the art work, so this made me feel like a more generous human being. Although then I felt guilty because I bought something for myself and not for anyone else. *sigh*

All in all – another fun fest – thanks sis! Summer should always have a few days like this – not amazing, but friendly and warm, with playful food and plenty of free parking. The kids romp around in excitement, teens match and mate on the sly, and life seems pretty okay, in a small, satisfying way.

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