Back to the Classroom

So going back to teaching was odd but rather like returning home to sit in your usual place at the kitchen table.  You know – the chair felt the same, but my feet resting on the floor were shod in different shoes.  Not better shoes, not worse – just different.  And after reflecting on education for seven months in England,  I returned to school none the wiser.

Steep Re-Learning Curve

Possibly the most tragic change was that Sheffield seemed to evaporate from my memory.  In the evenings I sometimes sit with my laptop pulled closely to my face.  I play Adele on iTunes and click through the images that were my reality just a month or so ago, but only lack a brisk and bold wind and smattering of nearly constant rain drops.

Back in line, but just little bit askew.

I’m right where I should be – lined up with the other committed educators, but like Hello Kitty, (see photo,) fourth row down, fifth from the left, I’m leaning forward out outward, ready to leap into the shopping cart of the next interesting experience.

Instead of working now to increase my knowledge base, I’m planning the next development in passing along what I thought about and developed while in the UK.

“American Teacher in the UK” will need to change somewhat, starting with the title of the blog.  The photographs too will probably not feature such memorable whimsey as the cereal aisle at Morrison’s or Tesco.

But watch this space for other reflections on education and an expanded opportunity for sharing the curriculum, “No One Is From Here.”  At the very least, I will strive to include, from time to time, an anecdote of life in the classroom.  No one will be named, and no one will get hurt.  Although, as I learned in England, a little pain and the accompanying humility that results can bring on some very large thoughts and new revelations.Cheers!

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