Oh England…how will I carry a camera anymore without missing you?

Packing up means looking over all your belongings and deciding which ones will hurt the least when thrown in a dumpster.  Because I insisted on hauling home more books on English history, I had to bid farewell to some well used shirts and worn out shoes while filling up my suitcases to return to California.  After sorting through possessions for most of the day I went along to an American friend’s house as he said his good-byes to the English and American friends he had made here, including me.  We celebrated with the best of British foods and some American classics like pineapple upside down cake and my own homemade apple pie. (one of the only things I actually cooked here in the UK!) The weather has turned weirdly warm, adding to the strange unreality of having to leave this sweet part of Yorkshire.  Not that all here is twee and lovely – the Tram Lines music festival this weekend hosted thousands of folks throughout seventy venues around town, and the trash and debris remaining could fill its own major city.  Sheffield is not always a garden spot of loveliness, but it is full of heart and offers big doses of real humanity, and that is what I will miss most.

As I’m reflecting on life in “my” version of England, I’m looking back over seven months of photographs, delighting in the fact that I can share some newly acquired signage with my faithful readers.  At the end of this week I will be taking a taxi to the train to the airport to America, and these reflections I’ve gathered will take on new meaning for me within a different context.  So here for you are the recent acquisitions from my signage collection:

New use for an old icon. Defibrillator!

Everything you’d want at the Market Cafe in Bath.

And even things you don’t want because you don’t know what they are….


At a candy shop: yum?

Don’t worry! Not even tempted!!

This lovely bronze statue erected near-by might not comply with the signage, however.

Soon to say good-bye to you, England.  Cheers!



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